» » ‘Voice of EmpowerStar Marketing’ Emerges as an Award-Winning Filmmaker

‘Voice of EmpowerStar Marketing’ Emerges as an Award-Winning Filmmaker

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When someone calls EmpowerStar Marketing’s phone number – 888.253.5824 – the pleasant voice that greets them belongs to an emerging actor and filmmaker who just earned her first film festival award for outstanding writing.

Her name is Linnea Sage. As she has worked to establish her film career in New York, NY, she has provided professional voiceover services. EmpowerStar Marketing President and CEO Dennis Zehner first worked with Sage during his time with the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, PA. Sage was familiar with the science center coincidentally because of previous trips to Allentown to see a boyfriend. When Zehner made the transition to operate EmpowerStar on a full-time basis and worked to set up a professional phone presence, Sage was his first choice to be company’s voice.

Sage also was a top choice for jury members for the 2017 West Coast Film Festival’s Chaplain Short Film Awards. Her film I Lost My Wife! earned her a Gold award for Best Writer and a Gold Award for Best Drama. Sage also produced and started in the film about two couples attempting to extricate themselves from an immigration marriage of convenience and maintain their current relationships. The 14-minute film is presented in a single continuous camera shot.

“Linnea Sage is a talented and emerging creative force who is going the extra mile in pursuing her dreams and, therefore, is a perfect choice as the voice of EmpowerStar Marketing,” Zehner said. “Our purpose is to give emerging stars from all walks of life a chance to shine brighter in a universe dotted with possibilities.”
Image from @ActressLinneaSage on Facebook

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