President, Chief Marketer, and CEO

Dennis Zehner – founder of EmpowerStar Marketing – is a widely-respected, versatile, creative, and dynamic marketer who has built a track record of promotional ingenuity and exceptional content generation.

After completing nearly 12 years of accomplished service with the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, PA, Zehner began operating EmpowerStar on a full-time basis in Feb. 2017 and earned national accreditation as a Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) in Marketing Management from the American Marketing Association (AMA) in March 2017.

Zehner’s leadership of EmpowerStar builds on his Da Vinci Science Center tenure, during which he was an integral part of the organization’s well-documented success – including a 73 percent growth in annual visitation and program participation from 2011-2016 and an initial feasibility study period for a new $130 million complex in Easton, PA. Zehner’s impact on the Da Vinci Science Center also included development and implementation execution of the organization’s marketing and promotional plans during its most successful years to date; leadership of a comprehensive effort to evolve the organization’s brand into one of a popular, national award-winning organization that makes science playful, connects it with people’s interests, and inspires enthusiasm for science’s ExSCIting Possibilities and innovative careers; and extensive influence in shaping of the Da Vinci Science Center’s 2016-2019 Strategic Plan and leadership of the writing of the plan’s brand and market development strategic dimensions.

Zehner’s flair for creation promotion was showcased a number of times during his career. Highlights include his development and leadership of Ice Cream Wars – the science center’s annual liquid nitrogen ice cream flavor competition that has evolved into one of the Lehigh Valley region’s more popular family events over nine years. He also is proud of a major exhibit announcement he produced in conjunction with a regional hospital network … in a public restroom. Click on the video above, and you will see why it works and provides an alternative to conventional tactics.

Zehner also served as Judge of Elections for 13th Ward, Third District in Lehigh County from 2014-2016; was the founder of the Lehigh Valley Kidsventure marketing partnership with Discover Lehigh Valley in 2015; directed efforts to create the Liberty Bell Replica lowered by the City of Allentown on New Year’s Eve as part of the city’s 250th anniversary celebration in 2012; and served as Board President of the Lehigh Home Club, Lehigh University’s largest alumni group, from 2008-2009.