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The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that there are 28 million American businesses that are sole proprietorships or have less than 20 employees.

Most of these emerging and gross-roots businesses are led by dedicated, talented, passionate people who are skilled at what they do and often go the extra mile in doing it.

While they are earning a living, most of these leaders believe that what they do benefits humanity in some way. It may be a barber who gives a man dignity and confidence for a job interview. It may be a trainer who goes well beyond their hours to push people past their limits and discover that they can reach their goals. It may be a minister on a mission of peace in Africa.

In many of these organizations, the comprehensive discipline that is marketing either is not understood with meaningful depth it is perceived as something that is too expensive or too difficult to endeavor. Those who “do marketing” for such firms frequently are volunteers or employees with a host of additional responsibilities.

That is why EmpowerStar Marketing’s mission is to promote the stars who go the extra mile.

Dennis Zehner

EmpowerStar was founded by Dennis Zehner, an insightful and creative marketer with a flair for promotional ingenuity and a passion to go the extra mile – even if it involves holding news events in public restrooms or tight caves hundreds of feet below the Earth’s surface.

Zehner has nearly 20 years of experience serving those who go the extra mile in educational service organizations, but appreciates that going the extra mile happens every day in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

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